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Carl Jung

Carl Jung was for a long time Freud's apprentice but he left him subsequently to follow his own path. For Jung dreams' interpretation are crucial for psychoterapy. This is due to the fact that, in his opinion, the dream is a mesanger of our Carl Junguncousncious life, more precisely of the colective or archetypal uncousncious and which expresses in this way needs which are ignored by the awake consciousnes but which have to be integrated in the personality as a whole in order to achieve psychical plenitude.

For Jung the interpretation of dreams no longer starts from the free associations of the dreamer (as in Freud's case) but from amplifications, in other words, the dream meaning is determined by comparing its message with different products of the human spirit such as ideas and religious believes, myths, legends and fairy tales etc.

In Jung's case the dream has a prospective character  - and it is usually interpreted on the subject plan, namely its seeming objective elements are actually symbols of the dreamer's soul internal structure.

By interpreting dreams Jung obtains a coherent image of the psychical sum of the dreamer, image which registers on the individuation process trajectory, another key concept forged by Jung, which designs in fact the union of the conscious and the unconscious and traces a new center of the psychical personality.

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