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Dream Interpretation Methods
Dream Interpretation Course

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Thank you for your interest in our course!

This course is designed to teach you the methods of dealing with dreams from primitives to the psychoanalytic era. You will learn about the concepts regarding the function and occurrence of dreams and the techniques of interpretation at primitives, in the Old Testament, at Macrobius and Artemidor, at Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. This is a comparative study with lot of examples and home assignments (not mandatory).

Benefits. You will learn to recognize the dream-visions and prophetic dreams, and dreams caused by repressed wishes or pointing the Jungian individuation process . Also you will learn to apply different interpretation methods to your own dreams.

  • Workshop. Upon finishing the course you may submit your own dream interpretation to our assistance (not mandatory).

Course delivery and registration. This course is made of 6 lessons - they are sent as email messages directly to your email address. You may read them in your browser of email client. You may save them on CD/DVD support and access them offline too. There's a schedule basis of lessons delivery, that is, one lesson every two days. Thus you have enough time to read them.

You may start your study right now as our courses are continuously - we deliver the course lessons anytime, including the holidays. Here are the lessons:

    1. Dreams and their meaning in the primitive world

    2. Dreams interpretation in the Old Testament

    3. Dreams and their interpretation at Artemidor

    4. The classification of dreams at Macrobius

    5. The psychoanalytic approach: Sigmund Freud

    6. Carl Jung and the archetypal dreams theory

Bonus: Example of a dream interpreted on 3 levels. This paper teaches you to deal with a dream on 3 different levels of interpretation (PDF).

Cost: USD $25

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