Dealing with Amazon’s Suspension

At Amazon, you get a chance to retail your product and lay the foundation for an online business. Opening an online retail setup may sound and seem easy, it really isn’t. As the world advances and people rely greatly on online retail stores. Amazon manages to provide global buyers along with a striking 25-year experience. The competition has gotten worse over the years. Sellers are being audited more strictly by the Seller performance on Amazon. So, even if you haven’t made any huge violation on purpose, you might have clashed with their policies.

The suspension doesn’t mean that your Amazon’s journey has come to an end. Hope is still not lost. You still have the card of Amazon Suspension Appeal left to play.

Stages of banishment

If you have a notice from Amazon stating that our account has been sacked, the first thing to do is not to panic or worry. Amazon may have become critical in their management, but they surely haven’t left their generous side.

They still offer you a chance to prove their notice wrong through Amazon Suspension Appeal. Adding to it, Amazon doesn’t give you one chance. They offer more than one chance.

The first suspension follows with you breaking their rules, be it intentionally or unintentionally. Your sales and orders will be postponed, as you would have to submit them an Amazon Suspension Appeal, stating your plan of action, which should include the objective of solving the problems with your seller account.

What Amazon is looking in an Amazon Suspension Appeal, is a reason, to let you continue with your product. They need some sort of evidence, that you will prove to be a better Amazon seller than others. They need to witness through your Amazon Suspension Appeal, that you deserve the spot more than any other seller. If you manage to impress them in your plan of action, your account will be reinstated.

However, if you failed to do so and your Amazon Suspension Appeal was weak, they will not reinstate your account and deny the appeal submitted by you. Their generosity doesn’t end there. You still can submit another appeal but know that Amazon will be more critical this time. Your revised plan of action should have a wow factor for them to believe you and lift their Amazon Suspension Appeal.

If you manage to fail even then, there is no saving you. You are out of there. You are banished from Amazon.

Be Careful!

If you want to avoid Amazon Suspension Appeal, try auditing your account on a daily basis. Keep a keen check on your shipments and orders. The most important of it all, treat your customers like royalty. At the end of the day, if your customers are happy with your product and services, there no stopping you and half your worries are gone. For new account holders, or those wishing to start the Amazon journey, a piece of advice. Read their set rules and policies thoroughly, and stay honest, only then you won’t land in a pickle.