Lumee Duo LED Mirage Jewel iPhone X Case Review

The Lumee Duo LED Mirage Jewel cover for iPhone X may seem like a mouthful to say, but its here with a purpose.
For those of you who like to record every moment of your life, this case might be the one for you. From creating videos and photos of highlights you feel are important, to those timely selfies, this case gives you the studio quality lighting on your fingertips

Product Specifications

The Lumee Due LED Mirage Jewel phone case is here to guard your phone against destruction and make you an influencer on the go. Before diving deep into the specifications, bear in mind that Lumee offers a one-year limited warranty. That means if the case does not deliver what it promises, you can cash this in.

Rigid Back

This case will provide strong protection without making the phone ugly and bulky. The case is a bumper with a rigid back. The case envelops the phones fully, without having an empty space in between. This ensures the phone’s screen does not shatter upon impact.

Scratch Resistant

The sleek design and comfortable feel do not rip the phone of its originality. The hard case with bumper corners has many advantages. First being the raised bezels, that avoids scratches and screeches. When you put your phone on a surface, the screen or camera lens will not come in direct contact avoiding friction.

Soft Edges

Your camera lens and screen will be a distance away when the phone is out down. Next comes the soft edges of the bumper. How many times have you owned a case and it has ended up chipping the color from the sides or left streaks behind? The soft edges prevent any such thing from happening. Lastly, on impacts, the case edges will shield the sides. The case is an effective shock absorber fully capable to resist high-pressure collisions.
The power and volume buttons are shielded by responsive buttons of the cover. Its cutouts of the lightning port, notification switch and speakers align perfectly.

Design Specifications

The slim design with sleek artwork is to die for. The cover has a soft matte touch in addition to a smooth glossy finish. Its off-white color with the essence of shattered glass/marble look compliments the strips of LED panels on the back.

LED Lights

Most importantly its LED lights installed make you and your surroundings picture perfect to capture. It gives full brightness studio lightning up to 30 minutes. Not only that, it has an added dimmer variable that can taper the light. Through this technology, you can set the brightness to your liking.
The LED lights are present on the front and back. It is not only restricted for selfies. Whichever camera you wish to use, go ahead! The light has a rechargeable battery to support your endless camera needs.

Sum you Pay

The Lumee Duo LED Mirage Jewel iPhone X case costs $69.95 on its official site.
This phone case promises protections, looks and effective lighting for a million purposes.