Marvellous Marble ESR Slim Soft Case for iPhone X Review

Who doesn’t want to get a new phone? A phone these days is the most important asset which has become essential for us in our daily lives.
Getting a new iPhone with upgraded specifications is always very pleasing. It is kind of like a moment which becomes a highlight of the year for you. Once you have it, the first concern is to keep it protected from every possible harm. You definitely don’t want to put it in a case which is low in quality or style or which will ruin all the beauty of your phone, for that you need to find a good quality case and along with that it has to be stylish enough to suit your personality.

ESR presents you the most aesthetic and good quality iPhone XS case. It is known and in demand for the best quality iPhone cases it produces, and that too in just the very reasonable price.

The great design and quality make you want it more and more. It has this beautiful marble design which has become a trend lately. The ancient marble design along with the ultra-modern technology is a dynamic duo. The contrast it has is also very appealing. This cute little case looks gorgeous with the amazing contrast of colors and in just the right price. This ultra-sleek and stylish case is particularly made for iPhone XS with very precise cutouts to slide on and off easily.


It is Compatible with the iPhone XS and designed perfectly just to fit your beautiful iPhone XS properly and precisely. It is designed so accurately just to protect it from every harm and keep it damage free.

Flexible TPU

It is constructed from Soft TPU which makes installing and removing this case very easy and stress-free. The TPU picked just to make it functional for you and not to compromise on the protection of the phone and to provide it a full proof all round protection. It is also available in 5 different classic colors.

Screen and Camera Protection

The safety and protection of the phone have always been a big concern. And ESR makes sure to provide us with what we want. It has a raised camera lip which works efficently to secure your screen and prevents the camera from rubbing against flat surfaces and also prevents from scratches

Excellent Grip

It has a scratch-resistant surface that is so smooth and is not slippery at all. It gives a firm in hand feels and a strong grip. Your phone is secure with such a strong grip case has on it.

Precise Cut-outs

It has easy access to the charging port and speakers you don’t have to remove the case every time to charge. It precise cut-out let it slide on and off very easily and prevents from damaging the edges.


This case costs $13 on Amazon which is pretty pocket-friendly, made with high-quality material yet very stylish and elegant. It is definitely worth the money.