Pro Screenless Edition Case for iPhone XS from OtterBox Defender Series

Having an iPhone XS in your pocket is indeed something cool and fun. People always prefer getting their pictures snapped from your mobile and your phone is the one which is used the most during all sorts of parties and gatherings. However, there is no smidgeon of doubt that deep down, the owners of this glass-like sleek beauty have their hearts thumping with the fear of what will happen if someone dropped their phone, even if from a short height.

As beautiful as it is to look at and stylish to touch, the iPhone XS is very sensitive to damage and drops. Therefore, taking all the possible measures to protect this phone should be your foremost priority as soon as you acquire one for yourself.

The question of how to protect your iPhone XS has been solved readily by the world’s most trusted and largest iPhone case manufacturer OtterBox. The all-new Defender Series Pro Screenless Edition Case for iPhone X/Xs by OtterBox is an out-of-the-box solution that will take away all your iPhone protection problems.

What’s So Special About this Case?

Superbly stylish in its look and feel, this new case by OtterBox is sure to provide your iPhone XS with maximum protection from scratches and possible breakages. Made from polycarbonates and pure synthetic rubber, this cover comes with a lifetime warranty. If you have been looking for a Goldilocks solution to protect your smart device, then this one is surely for you.

The premium material along with its fine rugged outer structure makes the phone easy to grip and ensures maximum possible protection for your device. What differentiates this wonderful case from all others in the market is its microbial protective nature. The material used in the manufacturing of this case is the armor against possible bacterial entities that are almost always lurking everywhere. This anti-bacterial feature of the OtterBox Screenless XS case has multifold benefits. Not only will it protect the cover and the phone from bacterial action to increase its life but will also keep you safe from possible diseases that can be transported to your body through environmental germs.

The tremor-absorbent slipcover and raised screen guard the sensitive glass against all types of scratches and falls. Moreover, an additional precision fit shell keeps the phone as well as the cover in their places while ensuring maximum safety no matter what height or what distance your phone falls from.

Now, through this cover, you can watch anything on your smartphone without getting your hands tired of staying all up in the air holding the phone. The additional clipping belt that this cover includes will make sure that your hands are free at all times so that you can easily enjoy watching longer videos on the phone.

Pricing Details

Without any further delay, go and get your hands on this beauty right now to ensure proper protection for your smartphone. The cover is available in 4 different shades at for just $59.95.